The Pulse Vape Pen Review

Today I am going to be reviewing this vape pen by OHM vaporizers. First off, I’m just going to start by mentioning: I love this pen. It offers quite a sturdy feeling, coupled with a high-quality appearance. But where the real magic comes in is: how amazing these clouds and the flavor is of the entire thing. So, check this out.

The Pulse Vape Pen Review

One little hit, great clouds. These vape pens taste amazing. I’ve been all around America, in Colorado, California, Seattle trying all kinds of different vape pens and this is the first one that I’ve tried in Canada that can hold the candle to any of those markets.

I’ve always been a fan of OHM vape pens but this battery is their new one and it has all kinds of fancy settings for variable voltage and wattage. It also shows you the battery life of the vape pen, and you can change the heat settings.

So, if you are looking for something a little less intense, you can turn it down, hit it and then just turn it to the next one. Another great thing about this pen that I personally really love is the pass-through capability.

You can see here at the bottom, that’s where you plug it in. That means that you can actually charge this pen while you are vaping. Which is a really, rare thing in vape pens for some reason and you are definitely going to get one with the pass-through capability.

Cause sometimes your pen is dead and you want to vape but you don’t want to wait. So, the other amazing thing I love about this pen and all of the other OHM vape pens is the quality. Not only the quality of the cartridge and the flavor but generally the battery.

This is a battery that I feel confident I can throw it in my purse. I can bring it around in my pocket. I can lug it around and is just really solid. It’s got a really nice metal finish, makes me feel like I’m not going to break it if I drop it.

To be honest, I have already dropped it a couple of times and it is still working great! Definitely keep an eye on this vape pen. Pick one up for yourself. It is the best way to consume cannabis, in my opinion, in Canada.

So, what do you think about the Pulse Vape Pen? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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