The Severe Lung Diseases and Death Related to E-cigarettes Revealed by American Electronic Cigarette Association

The Severe Lung Diseases and Death Related to e-cigarettes revealed by American electronic Cigarette Association

On 6th September, the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicated that over 450 health crisis of severe lung diseases are associated with e-cigarette users. Three types of lung damages were found in these cases including alveolar hemorrhage, cryptogenic tissue pneumonia, and lipid pneumonia.

Reportedly as of 10th September, six people died.

  1. In Illinois (Midwestern State in U.S), the death took place on 23rd August but no details have been revealed.
  2. In Oregon (Coastal State in U.S.) a middle-aged patient, died on 5th According to the reports, while he purchased THC oil from a legal pharmacy, he was not sure if he used the oil in illegal THC cartridge.
  3. In Indiana (Midwestern State in U.S) reported a death on 6th September – no further information has been revealed yet.
  4. In Minnesota (U.S. State boarding Canada), an elderly man aged 65, used illegal THC product reported on 6th
  5. In Los Angeles, California (Southern State) reported on 6th September that 12 people hospitalized in Los Angeles County. Shockingly, all everyone used THC oil according to the Los Angeles Times.
  6. In Kansas (Midwestern State in U.S), reported a death on 10th September – no further details have been provided yet.

The burning questions on everyone’s mind at the moment is whether or not you need to worry about using e-cigarette with nicotine smoke oil?

To answer is no, you don’t. The reports and data continue to reveal that inferior street nebulization of products that contain THC or other substance in the oil are the mere culprit behind these diseases.

It is imperative for smokers to realize that use of store-purchased nicotine atomization devices that helps to reduce or quit smoking shouldn’t stop. In fact, there is nothing to be worried about because of such incidents, nor should it mislead smokers to start smoking traditional tobacco cigarette, considering it to be a safer alternative to e-cigarettes.

What is the outcome of the test?

On 5th September, the New York State Department of Health reported that the lab tests show, almost in all the samples consists cannabis have high level of Vitamin E. While performing the test, each patient was asked to submit the instrument they use for smoking atomized products, at least one of them was found having Vitamin E Acetate. This was used to thicken the smoke in illegal devices.

Mitch Zeller from FDA Tobacco Products Center said in a CDC press conference on 6th September, “We are continuing to evaluate all samples, and no substance or compound has been identified, including vitamin E acetate.”

On 4th September, The FDA notified the state health officials that the test done in laboratory on nicotine products have no abnormalities, according to Washington report while FDA has not commented on this.

FDA believes that nebulized products containing nicotine should come under punishable act?

The Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) persuade all the Americans to avoid using atomized devices and not to buy any atomized device from roadside vendors. The agency has come under fire for failing to recognize the risks of illegal THC products (including our criticism)..

On 6th September, few hours after the Center of Disease Control and Prevention press conference the FDA broken the association with Center of Disease Control and Prevention and warned about the hazards caused by the atomized products.

Angelic LaVito, a correspondent of CNBC, on twitter noticed a powerful difference between the CDC and the FDA’s warnings.

Do young people give false account of their use of THC?

Every state where detailed data have been published, most of the patients (or all of them) reported using illegal THC products. This hasn’t stopped the CDC officials and public health activist from warning against discouraged devices based on a negligible number of patients suffering from nicotine containing aerosol products.

A pneumologist at New York University’s Langone Hospital, Dr. Melodi Pirzada, handled two such patients who used THC nebulized products. Foster Winans was told about an 18-year-old teenager, “We conducted a multi-million-dollar check and couldn’t figure out what caused it. He always denied using atomized products until the family found a device with hemp oil in his bedroom, and then we learned his symptoms. It started when he started using it.”

Lena Sun from The Washington Post had a word with many state health officials and doctors who have evaluate patients in this division. Even their feedback was pretty much similar, “Patients, especially teenagers, are often reluctant to disclose whether they have used cannabis products.”

“Not everyone recognizes the use of THC oil.”We can’t judge whether it is because they are afraid to admit it, or because they have never used it.”, said Ngozi Ezike, Illinois State Department of Public Health Director.

Cannabis is still not legal in most of states and at federal level because of which patients who are under-age or young like the case happened in Illinois and Wisconsin (19-year-old) are afraid to disclose the fact that they smoked Cannabis. The reason could be their parents and police involvement in the further investigation. The process of phasing out atomized devices sounds pretty reasonable.

Statement of local and state health department

New York: On 6th September 2019, the New York State Department of Health disclosed that it has received 38 New York doctors reported about severe lungs damage. The reported disease was found in the patients aged between 15 and 46. According to the test, at least one aerosolized product that contains marijuana was consumed before they caught the disease. The use of black-market atomized products is causing the lung disease, warns the department.

Wisconsin: In the end of the August, Wisconsin said, most cases reported are between the age group of 24 to 27. 89% of patients admitted because of THC spray products. By 5th of September, Wisconsin has 34 cases and issues reported.

A specific warning has been circulated that says, “We urge the public not to use any THC atomized products.”

Los Angeles, California: On 6th September, the Los Angeles Times reported about 12 cases in Los Angeles that involves THC spray product whereas the Health Department of Los Angeles issued a warning for not purchasing any spray products.

Kings County, California: The health department of the King County, in August, warned against using the THC or CBD that contains tobacco. This was warned right after seven cases of acute respiratory distress syndrome was reported. By 5th September, the number of patients has increase to 9 from 7.

New Mexico: The New Mexico State Department of Health, on 29th August, reported that there were 8 male patients suffering and all of them were admitted due to THC nebulized products consumption. In the special warning, the state health department reminded them to not use any THC atomized products.


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