The VapeSnail By Atmizoo

The VapeSnail By Atmizoo

Today, we are going to be looking at the VapeSnail by at Atmizoo know a little story for you before we get going this is a billet box know for those of you that don’t know what a billet box says it’s a regulated device you can give this as a DNA 60 rav4 version and the way this works is that you have a thing called a borrowed tank that normally sits inside.

The VapeSnail By Atmizoo

You will get something like this which is a rebuildable atomizer or a bridge and this is theVapeSnail that is also bought at Atmizoo and this has been out for quite some time so basically, you would just put your coil in there and then you put this back together with your cotton insane that you then put this inside here fill it fill with just pop it in there and then you would via Polly one of the downsides to fill it with juice.

The VapeSnail By Atmizoo

VapeSnail price-wise for that think it’s going to be about a hundred and thirty euros which are and just to give you a like a comparison on that I mean you are for a bottling tank you’re usually looking a bit forty pounds and for a deep shell, you’re usually looking about sixty pounds so that’s how much it costs for that this is going to be about130 euros.

The VapeSnail By Atmizoo

I’ll just run through what’s in the Box a little packet with spare O-rings a sticker a little baggie with spare gaskets as well and their post screws these are like how can I call them there’s probably I should read the manual one of these days here and get their official name but there they’re almost like click on condensation soaker uppers plugs.

The VapeSnail By Atmizoo

The life of a tank say going through one tank it can soak up a fair bit you do get the spare ones here but I found that just getting a little bit of blue roll and then just padding this and it soaks all the moisture back out of this thing and it’s clever as it’s a nice touch so yes that’s something you get included you do get here you can if you want to dry bond your coil or pulse your coil.

The VapeSnail By Atmizoo

When you’re doing your build you’ll use this device here and I’ll show you that in a second and you also get this little tool here and you’ll see how that works you also get a troops airflow tubes and I’ll just pop one of these outs just nowhere just now and you can see that there are all different sizes so you can reduce the airflow by using these.

The VapeSnail By Atmizoo

We have a coil in the vape just now and there we’re working we’ve got inducing the tank once again you can just pull this out and turn this here and leave it and you can have your juice setting in there now if you want to miss a boat with anything you have your little earful tubes underneath you aren’t grab your tool and that just sits on there.

The VapeSnail By Atmizoo

VapeSnail regarding builds as the way it wicks and you can see it’s coming through here who as you had with the VapeSnail and I’ll just here the deep shell was grabbing the juice from the beasts but this is coming and here you will still get all the juice out of the tank and you can be a bit dry.

I’ve been putting my cotton in just going to put some juice on this knowledge before they actually tuck the cotton in and then just can like to fold the cotton down and many other devices. I’m sure it can just fold it down and this isn’t that this isn’t the important part just folding it down into the hole where you want to look inside here and make sure that the cotton is touching the base.

The VapeSnail By Atmizoo

I’ve got fuel in IAT alien and here a three-millimeter inner diameter 0.4I’m going to be vaping this at my usual for this about 25 to 30 watts 25 watts to start with this is the most ear you can get through this device now remember I’m using the ear tube is the most often one.

I’ll cover all the bases it’s a one Mills the smallest and set that for a member rate but it is it’s almost along it’s a nice type mouth too long it’s not a zero point eat but I do believe that it will keep the vast majority if most along via push happy I do and I enjoy the most along via from this a lot I can’t faultless for flavor can’t fault it for building on its really easy and everything comes to bits.

The VapeSnail By Atmizoo

I want to make clear you can take the base out and leave all the juice in the tank that for bottle tank users is great news it is great it takes the messiness out of billet box users have been putting up with for years also you can change your airflow and your inserts on the fly which is another good thing if you when I’ve hit with a billet box and the way it always get condensation at the back of the billet box.

I always have it’s always been a thing for me I always so if you’re like me and you get condensation at the back of your bottle time on here you will still get that it doesn’t they mysteriously stop any condensation appearing I get just as much condensation on the back of the tank.

The VapeSnail By Atmizoo

This as I do with my regular bottlenecks the little filter shall we call it the wall plug at the base does help with that area down there but yeah and it’s just something that billet box users live with this as simple as that. What do you think about VapeSnail? Let us know in the comments section below.

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