The VVILD V1 Review

Today we’re going to review another vape from China. We’re going to review the VVild and it is a pretty cool great device I recommend to anyone. It has Chinese writing on the front, sure it’s nice these are the pods for it so I’m going to open this bad boy right now let’s start with the actual package and I can’t open it, yeah, yeah it looks nice at least. It looks like a golden candy cane.

The VVILD V1 Review

It is really big as it fits into my whole hands long. Look at that design. It’s like wooden I’m guessing the rest is here. I like it made everything like cardboard. VVILD V1 has 350 milliamps of battery the VVILD V0 had 350as well this is a bigger device so I’m kind of curious to see how this works this design is fresh it’s like wooden. Has the sign over there the Vvild sign turns out its type-c USB charging cable which is nice that’s the future of charging.

The VVILD V1 Review

Unfortunately, it’s not micro USB but type C is better that’s better than having you know those custom chargers that a Juul would have, so forget the Juul. Put the pod in now which is this package here and I believe it is mint so I can handle mints. Last time very tobacco- e. Pods! and it comes with three pods holy The pods are massive huge which means they are probably more than 2 mil liters they are 2 milliliters but 3% nic.

The VVILD V1 Review

They are two milliliters on the 3% nic but they’re so big I don’t understand why. Pop one of these out layers. I can see the liquid inside a sleek looking pod. It’s the top you can’t pull it off it has a silicone at the top to remove so you can vape pops out and the bottom also has silicone that’s where you put it in the device as the two indicators on the bottom of the pod and the bottom of the device and that’s how they connect you just click it in that is so cool check this out now that lid I was talking about cover your device.

The VVILD V1 Review

That’s something else! this bad boy the LED indicator is right below the sign yeah let’s try it out this is mint at three percent nic. I just swallowed ten packs of Excel gum accelerate your breath that’s what tastes like I feel like I’m chewing gum but swallowing it. That’s kind of cool because I got this nice minty Ness in my throat and it pulls very nice for three percent nic menthol hits gives you like a stronger hit that makes sense that’s what it feels like.

The VVILD V1 Review

They’re nice you know and they’re extremely affordable so if you guys want to check them out check out their link in my description and you know to purchase one because they’re cheap very affordable and the Juul is still kind of expensive and the pods suck they’re small they’re 0.7 milliliters that have a200 milliamp batteries this is 350 and so much prettier you carry this as like a souvenir it’s so cool and most of all they’ll help you quit smoking so definitely cheers to vvild. Okay, that’s time-of-day to cough my brains out.

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The VVILD V1 Review

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