This App Will Help You to Quit Vaping

You can now quit vaping with the help of an app. A new program launched in Washington treats the process of quitting vaping as a personal problem.

Companies and the consumers have freaked out by the number of vaping related health issues that are surfacing on daily basis. Due to this increase in health issues, quitting e-cigarettes seems to make a lot of sense.

In the recent outbreak of threatening decision, even popular companies like JUUL has to admit the fact that these products are not in any way better than smoking traditional cigarettes. Amid the mess of vaping blunder, programs that help vapers quit smoking e-cigarettes have been launched across the nation.

From October 1st, the state of Washington will allow people to download a free app that can be used on desktop or on smartphone in an attempt to help them give up vaping.

This program is designed to be used for free by the state’s Department of health which has been working with 2Morrow, Inc.

2morrow, Inc. has created similar apps to lose weight, manage chronic pain, and has now come up with an app that helps you quit electronic cigarettes. While people have been using similar app to quit cigarettes over a decade it might not sound like a novel idea, nevertheless, this is an unique programs designed to help people get rid of their vaping habits.

While talking to VICE, Nick Fradkin, tobacco cessation consultant with the Washington Department of Health said the evidence is what consumers are looking forward to tobacco cessation.

The Department of Health started working on this project one year ago. Teens who have never smoked before were risking their life without knowing how rampant e-cigarettes like JUULs are in particular says the health official who first realized the issue.

While people wonder how it might feel to stop ripping on their JUULs, it is the right time to release the app in the market when people are aware of the damage vaping could cause to their bodies.

Jo Masterson, co-founder of 2Morrow, Inc. said to VICE in an interview, “About a year ago, we started getting more and more people using the smoking cessation app for vaping, or asking if they could,”

Both the programs launched by the app works in the same way, one is for vaping and another one is for smoking. Both the programs are designed something called as ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy).

The program ACT basically teaches people to know when they are urging to vape and it develops the skill that will help the user to push past the urge of vaping.

With the help of the tracker you can check how many times you have urged to vape and how many times you have successfully ignored it. This is one of its kind therapies which have never been tried on vaping, but as per the research on this technique’s capabilities to quit cigarettes are mostly positive. Especially, when compared to traditional smoking.

The biggest different between the cigarette smoking habit and vaping habit is that vaping is done constantly. The reddit post of JUUL that shows how hard it is for vapers to quit their vaping, which was originally designed to help them quit smoking traditional cigarettes.

It remains to be seen whether or not the nudges from this program can fight against this serious issue of vaping. The 2Morrow, Inc. Masterson says that he has high hopes from the program that it will spread soon even outside the state of Washington and it will reach the level of federal use. In future, we are expecting to see more programs like this one.

Let us know in the comments section below if this sounds like a useful program to you? If yes, why? If no, then what do you think the measures should be taken to quit smoking? I will be waiting for your valuable feedback.


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