Top 10 Online Vaping Websites to Shop in the U.S.

Buying online offers a superior experience as compared to getting a product from an offline store. Here’s why.

Reason 1:

Leading brands make their products available specifically via online shoppers while restricting their offline availability.

Reason 2:

Buying products online is more economical compared to buying a vape from a local store. Why? Because you can take advantage of promotional offers, discounts, use coupon codes for discounts, and that’s not the case with local stores.

Reason 3:

Online shopping is a convenient option for vapers as they do not need to leave the comfort of their own homes neither for buying a new vape nor for refilling their cartridge with e-juice.

Vapers, as well as vaping enthusiasts who aren’t aware of where to look for top-end vape products that don’t cost a bomb are advised to check the list below.

How did these websites make to our list? These vape shops are listed with the help of expert’s opinion and consumer feedback. Those still unsure about where to buy their vape products online can refer to this handy shop locator instead.

The list below will help you to find a reliable online store with a high quality e-juice and e-cigarette. We have explained why these sites have made it to the list, including factors such as their policies, variety, shipping benefits, warranties, etc. The list also features an online store that will surpass every requirement of a vaper.

  1. Zamplebox

Zamplebox is an ideal choice for those who love vaping on daily basis. The website has an option that provides subscription service to their users, giving them access to over 300 of the best e-juice brands available on the market in the United States. The plan starts from as less as $1 a day and it can help the user save a lot of money while exploring new flavours of e-liquid every month.

To offer an improved customer service experience, Zamplebox design each box they send out carefully to match the buyer’s personal flavour profile. All you need to do is let the company know what you like and dislike and Zamplebox will handle this difficult job with ease by matching your preferences to curating e-liquids.

Apart from the monthly subscription facility, the website also offers an option to buy specific e-juices at wholesale price which is tailored only for the members. The members can choose from different sizes like 30 mL, 60 mL, and 100 mL in categories of trending flavours, top rated and new arrivals. Zamplebox’s subscription box provides best service for users who loves to vape adventurously.

Let’s have a look at Pros and Cons of this online store:


  • Wide range of options available for e-liquids from over 300 different brands in U.S.
  • All products on wholesale price
  • Subscription service gets curated monthly


  • The only con of the website is that it is membership based only.
  1. Black Note

The Black Note website specializes in flavours that include tobacco in it. Black Note is an online retailer that has many of its products in the name of different music styles such as Reggae and Jazz. The Black Note recently launched a product called The Notebook that has a selection of tobacco blends present in it which has a beautiful packing that looks like a book. The flavours comprises of Sonata, Quartet, Forte, Prelude, and Solo.

To capture the sense of smoking an extraordinary tobacco product like Virginia tobacco and Cuban cigars, these e-juices comes with no artificial sweeteners or colorings as they are designed to achieve the sensation. The ingredients involved in the making of the e-juice are extracted naturally through cold maceration that gives all Black Note’s e-liquids an authentic taste.

The quality of Black Note e-liquids is premium and they have a premium price-tag attached to it. The Notebook of 60 mL e-liquid’s price is $48. Apart from this, individual flavours are also available separately for $19 to $29 USD for a 30 mL bottle.

Taking shipping into consideration, the domestic shipping is quick and absolutely free. If you spend over $100 or more then Black Note even offers free shipping for their international consumers. Moreover, all their projects are subjected to a 90-day lifetime guarantee. You can also earn loyalty points that can be redeemed later against purchases in future.

While the Black Note products usually carry steep price tags, the quality of the product, as well as the service they offer are simply exceptional.


  • They sell some of the best tobacco flavours we have ever come across.
  • All the products are made using the ingredients that are natural.
  • For domestic and international consumers shipping is free.
  • There is a ninety-day money back guarantee.


  • Products are expensive compared to the competitors
  • They offer only tobacco flavours and juice range is small
  1. Broke Dick

Broke Dick provides a wide range of delicious e-juices at affordable prices. Richard Broke is the owner of the company and his team rented a manufacturing facility several times in a year meanwhile they produce products that are enough to supply their huge customer base.

With this smart business model, Broke Dick can easily reduce the price of its products and make customers happy by allowing them to save a considerable amount of money.

Broke Dick user can purchase 120 mL bottles for less than $12 USD which is a huge saving compared to other companies. The website has the most popular e-juices including a delicious blend of banana, Payday, cappuccino, and butterscotch flavours.

The cap of free shipping is on a small amount compared to other websites. Here you can get free shipping and free on orders over just $23 USD which equals to two bottles of 120 mL e-liquid. While customers can’t create their own DIY flavours, they can select e-juices and get an option to boost the concentration ratio of the flavour used.

Buyers can save more money by purchasing one of Broke Dick’s curated packs of 3 or 5 of e-juice flavours which reduces the price of each bottle to only $11 USD. The online store does not offer a lot in terms of hardware but it does offer products from leading brands such as VooPoo, Vaporesso, and iJoy. It is clear that the Broke Dick focuses on affordable e-liquid for everyone.


  • The products are in house brand so it helps to provide value for money
  • At low cart amount of $23, shipping is absolutely free
  • The orders usually get shipped same day and arrives really quick
  • Honest business model that serves customer first


  • Compared to the competitors, range of flavours are less
  • Carries a small range of hardware and accessories
  1. Vape Chemist

The Vape Chemist is another popular online juice seller that sells their own range of e-juices. The range of product is small but they provide high quality of e-juice. There are various delicious flavours available at affordable prices.

There is a Poundcake selection of dessert and fruity flavours available by the company. Customers can choose flavours like strawberry, lemon, and mango. Simultaneously, Vape Chemist has a wide range of Philippine mango flavours available. The basic blend is number one product of the company that is bestselling while the plus version of the same product adds a twist with menthol. It also has a version that includes salt-nic for those who needs a big hit.

There are offers to bulk buy on various products on Vape Chemist. In other words, the more products you buy, bigger the discount you get. For instance, if you buy two bottles at a time you can save 5% and on purchase of five bottles you can get a discount of 20%.

On above domestic $50 order, shipping is free while consumers buying from outside U.S. have to pay $20 fee for shipping regardless of their cart value. If the order is placed before 9 AM, the product usually gets shipped on the same day.

The website also allows you to earn points by running a loyalty rewards program on each purchase. These points can be redeemed against future orders. They offer a program for bloggers and social media influencers where they can sign up and get paid for their brand awareness and become brand ambassadors.


  • Value for money with high quality products
  • Over $23 order the user qualifies to get free shipping
  • Orders arrives quickly and gets shipped same day
  • Puts customer first as a good and honest business.


  • Less range of flavours compared to the competitors
  • In regards to hardware and accessories it carries a very little

This store is best known for its wide range of e-cigarettes, electronic cigars and other vaporizers such as pipes. They offer e-liquid products, cartridges and a slew of other accessories. The EPUFFER headquarter is based in three different major markets such as Canada, United Kingdom, and United States.

The USP of the company is that they not only sell and distribute their products but also manufacture and design them. The aim of the company is to get people away from traditional cigarettes while it still maintains best smoking experience and a healthier lifestyle.

The company sells its products across 26 countries and has more than 1 million consumers. The website has featured on both radio and TV including The Doctors and been successful in business for 11 years.

EPUFFER offers various options starting from low-cost starter kits which aim at helping users to quit traditional tobacco cigarette smoking. The wide range of products includes Eco disposable electronic cigarettes. These flavours were recently introduced in hookah flavours as well, while it is also available in tobacco and menthol flavours.

The pack of three comprises the Xpod and a mini pod mod. The mission of this store is to encourage users to quit smoking regular cigarette and switch to the healthier option they offer. The EPUFFER is moving forward with new technology with True Nicotine formula which is latest in market to satisfy smoker’s cravings.


  • The e-liquids are made out of materials that are raw such as vegan, Kosher, gluten-free, alcohol-free, and non-allergenic.
  • They offer a variety of products from rechargeable e-cigarettes a disposable, e-cigars and e-pipes.
  • The brand focus on health more than profits and as a result they offer a high-quality replacement and spares along with the starter kits.


  • The company stop producing older models to introduce new lines of e-cigarettes that might cause a trouble to replace your favorite product or searching for accessories.
  • Few chargers of them does not have a proper indicator and sometimes have trouble with fitting the charger to trigger recharging.

The is one stop destination that provides wide range of e-cigarettes and vaping products from top brands of the world. KandyPens, Atmos, Davinci, and Firefly are some of the brands that are available on this website.

The website has easier navigation system as it is an e-commerce website that deals with wider audience. It features multiple categories such as vape by type, brand, and price that helps users to find products easily.

Apart from vaping devices, they offer a myriad of vaping accessories, grinders, and glassware. The website offers a unique product; the desktop vaporizer for home. This product provides a more feature-packed experience that portable options don’t necessarily offer.

The website has a support system for their customers in many different forms like live chat, email, fax, text, and call support. The company has a facility for international numbers to support clients outside the country. They are actively promoting their products on social media through special offers and by making announcement via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


  • Different product categories have a wide range of products
  • Great selection available of brands
  • Easy to use and well designed website
  • Customer support available
  • Free shipping over $48 across U.S.
  • Price match guarantee


  • No rewards or points for frequent buyers like other websites.
  1. VaporFi

This website is the most established vaping brand across the world and for a good reason. The VaporFi is known for producing its own wide range of affordable products that includes accessories and hardware along with tantalizing e-juice in a big range.

For brand-conscious buyers, VaporFi’s offers a wide range of hardware from well known brands such as Vaporesso, Kanger, SMOK, Innokin, Eleaf, and Aspire. They offer a money saving feature with their own brand devices.

The online store has everything from cig-a-likes, vape pens, and dry herb vaporizer to box mods. That’s why it is known as a one stop shop where you can buy everything related to vape.

Consumers can also create their own liquids with the help of VaporFi’s Vapetender service that allows them to do so or simply choose an e-liquid from their delicious flavors which are premixed.

All products are made using high quality ingredients, diacetyl-free, and they come in child proof bottles. To maintain a constant supply, you can also set up an automatic service that delivers regularly. In addition to that, those who opt for their automatic delivery service are eligible for a 10% OFF on all their products. Consumers can choose the products they want to receive along with the frequency of the delivery. The scheme can be cancelled anytime as there is no contract to get into this. All consumers get free shipping irrespective of automatic or manual order with no minimum amount required. It also helps the user to earn loyalty points which they can redeem later for credit against purchases they do in future.

You can also locate the store to purchase the product in person by clicking at the top link placed on the website and find nearest bricks and mortar store.


  • Wide range of products and the brand have in house hardware and accessories
  • Huge selection of e-juices and mixed DIY service
  • Easy to set up and customized automatic delivery service
  • Special offers, clearance sales, and regular discounts
  • Free shipping across United States


  • Its overwhelming to have sheer number of products
  • Although shipping is free, there could be a delay in reaching you. It could be quicker.
  • Once the purchase is made online, it can’t be returned to VaporFi retail stores.
  1. KandyPens

KandyPens offers hundreds of uniquely styled vaping device comprising several devices that have received awards as top of the line products in the past few years. What makes them different from other online stores is their stylish and highly effective merchandise.

Some of the best products you will find at KandyPens are Prism and Miva 2. The Vape Guide has awarded both of these products for being the best portable vaporizer and vape pen of 2019, respectively. The Vape Critic has awarded best vape pen for 2017. Many of their products have things like coil-less ceramic disc and quartz crystal technology. Most of their products come with free accessories. They provide an exceptional customer service even after sales.

The product batteries have a lifetime warranty and the vaporizer is sent in a package that will protect your privacy. The company shows off its heating mechanism as the best and several other pens offer a heating mechanism which doesn’t have a button on it. The products offered by them are highly portable and light in weight.


  • Pens are portable and can fit anywhere
  • Products include concentrates, aromatic material, and oils.
  • The pens are available in more than hundreds of styles


  • If you overfill the certain products such as Galaxy, Gravity Oil, or Donuts then it can get clogged.
  • If the product gets dirty it might cause connection issue between the coil and the battery.
  1. VapeWild

The only reason this online store resonates throughout the market is because of one reason and that is its premium e-juices. Since day one their bread and butter is their e-juices. Initially their e-juices started with simple categories such as dessert, candy, fruit, and tobacco. Since then they became more creative and now, they offer blends such as Murica Rocket Popsicle (which happens to be their best selling e-juice) and Hannibal Nectar which has fruit medley.

Their creativity didn’t stop there as they now carry over 150 varieties of juices which do not include the 50+ brands of other companies they sell. Users of VapeWild have asked for mic salt e-juices to which VapeWild has responded positively. They have stocked their website with best maker for nic salt juice. They didn’t stop here and stocked a line of disposable vape pends and pod mods for same nic salts. The store caters to every kind of consumer. They made every type of products available from disposable vape pens to the most advanced level of box mods. VapeWild takes care of their customers beyond the mods, e-juices, and e-cigarettes.

The shipping is offered throughout the globe, for free shipping over orders of $39.99 in the United States (although, international users can apply a coupon with every purchase of over $50 for a discount of $10) and get loyalty program named VapeWild AF. By joining this program, users get exclusive discounts, access to private e-juice vault, and free shipping on all the products without any minimum amount.


  • Extended selection for flavours
  • Without membership also the site is affordable
  • 0 mg to highest level of nicotine options available
  • Free shipping over $39.99 in the U.S.
  • Return without any problem (on hardware and other products though there is no return on e-juice)


  • All products are not covered under life-time warranty
  • Juice flavours can be uninspired
  1. MIG Vapor

MIG Vapor sells products that have their own branding on their website. What makes them unique is that they have broad selection of items available despite the fact they don’t sell other brands. They sell e-cigarettes, box mods, and vaporizers but the company has been exploring other wider range of products they offer in this vaping culture. Items as bongs, bangers, dabbers, and hand pipes makes Mig Vapor the best online vaping store for vapers to check out a wider range of products.

The company covers a wide range of uses and suits different levels of vapers that varies the preferences. For those users who wants to vape e-liquid, the Mig Vapor offers them a range of cheap but reliable devices such as Trap oil vape pen to the premium compact sub-Ohm Brain Fogger vaporizer. Whereas, people who want to use concentrates or oils have options that range from popular Bug RX to disposable D1. Mig Vapor also offers dry-herb vaporizers and wax. The design of an ultra compact WASP wax air vape pen manages to bake the dry herbs and waxes within 2 to 3 seconds at 455 degrees. The DRAY comes with a larger design but it packs features that make the usability easier such as the ability to adjust the temperature by just one degree with increments between 385 to 430 degree F.

The company also has their own collection of e-juices. The flavours have a huge range from traditional options including menthol and tobacco to sweet dessert, beverage offerings, and fruity flavours. They also have a e-juice bar that helps the vaper to experiment and create their own customized e-juice with custom blend creator.


  • Huge product types and wide range
  • Affordable to premium price range for all type of users
  • Create your own custom e-liquid
  • Free domestic shipping for orders more than $75
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Points, rewards, and referral programs
  • Support for customers on phone, email, and even chat.


  • Limited to Mig Vapor products only
  • The website isn’t user-friendly for layman

Let us know in the comments below which one is your favorite website to buy vaping products.


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