US Study Highlights Detrimental Effects of Vaping Bans on Public Health

While a large number of people are lauding the decision to ban e-cigarettes and other vaping products citing their adverse effects on the health of the user, the burning question is whether or not it is going to benefit those who resorted to using e-cigarettes in an attempt to kick the conventional butt.

For a long time, public health experts believe that vaping bans isn’t helping improve the public in any way. On the contrary, the ban sends the wrong message to the public, confusing smokers to switch to the relatively safer alternatives. A recently published study validated this once again.

Entitled, “Inclusion of electronic nicotine delivery systems in indoor smoke-free air policies and associated vaping behavior,” the study was implemented by researchers at the Indiana University School of Public Health in the US. The researchers created a detailed study, categories people in different age groups to find whether the association between vaping bans and e-cigarette use would vary in participants aged between 18 and 59.

Highlighting the effect of vaping ban, the study claims ““Adults living in the states with an aerosol-free policy were less likely to use ENDS compared with those living in the states without an aerosol-free policy, controlling for individual- and state-level covariates (adjusted odds ratio = 0.79, 95% confidence interval = 0.64, 0.97).”

After carrying out stratified analyses, researchers found that the association wasn’t the same in different age groups. The aerosol-free policies implement across the state were linked with lower offs of ENDS use only in adults aged between 25 to 59, excluding young adults aged between 18 to 24.

The NNA (New Nicotine Alliance) has been pointing out that using safer nicotine alternatives can prove to be advantageous for public health. Referring to the 2007 UK smoking ban, the organization says when such bans are implemented on safer alternatives; it conveys a wrong message to the public.

The organization’s new campaign dubbed Challenging Prohibition aims to address the negative message, as well as the misinformation about vaping among people. New research succinctly suggests that bans on vaping in public places stop adult smokers from switching.

Furthermore, the NNA hopes the public health officials who are bent on reducing the harm caused to smokers take their message more seriously while dedicating resources to deal with the danger of bans, which according to the organization have no “evidential, moral or health-related justification.”

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Vinay Patel
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