Uwell 21700 Nunchaku 2 Kit Review

Today we’re going to check out the Nunchaku 2 by Uwell. This updated Nunchaku kit is backed by 21700 batteries and has a few other interesting features. Let’s go ahead and dive into it.

This is what your packaging is going to look like. inside you will have your mod, the Nunchaku tank, an extra piece of bubble glass, an extra coil head, a micro USB charging cable, some spare parts, a battery warning card, and a user manual. The tank is 25 millimeters in diameter, about 44 millimeters tall from the base to the top of the included drip tip on that base.

There you do have a gold-plated 510 pin. I would not use this on hyper top cap mech mods says Uwell Nunchaku to my Uwell.com and then as you can see like I said 25 millimeters around here but the AFC ring does quickly start jetting out a bit, flares out airflow control on the bottom here with hard stops one two and three slots up top here.

You do have a 5-10 dual ring drip tip you could use any other five tens on this as well it’s a two-piece tip where you got Delrin up here, then a metal ring around the bottom to get to the coil head you unscrew the base and these are press-fit in here. Let’s see if I can get it out with my short nails come on there we go and the coil that’s pre-installed is a point to 50 to 60 watts and that one is kind of a netting style mesh and the other coil is 0.14 also 50 to 60 watts and also a netting style mesh just different resistance but very similar coil heads.

21700 Nunchaku 2 Kit

We’ll go ahead and install this one. I’m going to put a couple of drops of liquid inside push the coil in and there’s what the inside of that base looks like. Screw that together and when it’s time to fill it’s a little quarter turn and it opens on up you got your fill port right here with a membrane over the top which the fill port was a little bit larger like four, you know if you’re using droppers or whatever. But for needle tips like this, it works just fine five ml liquid capacity.

Well, let’s close it back up and put the tank out of the way. So here is your mod there are things about a hundred millimeters tall up top. Here this platform is about twenty-six millimeters so up to a twenty-six-millimeter adi would look good without starting to have some overhang. You do have a spring-loaded gold-plated 510 pin and I believe this is zinc alloy. It’s got this glossy finish on it I’m not super fond of the really glossy finishes although I do like blue now on the bottom there.

You do have your cap little vent hole right there says Uwell on the bottom. Let’s go ahead and unscrew that threads feel nice on this. You got some gold plating on there it is marked – your negative goes towards the bottom here and inside here you do have an 18 650 battery adapter. If you want to use it in 18 650 without the adapter you can use a 2700 or a 21 700 and so the board is over here but as you can see that’s pretty thin.

It’s quite thin you know, the board that’s down inside there most of this is battery somebody is one of these 21700 Hohm Run batteries. Let’s go ahead and put that part in and we’ll take the cap here screw that down, and it already turns on five clicks to turn it off five clicks, turn it on now unlike the original Nunchaku this has no controls on it at all the only buttons you have are this fire button.

Let’s go ahead and screw our tank on now on that home screen it does show your wattage we’re in power mode your load and a battery bar. If you want to adjust your wattage three clicks go into power mode like that and now it’s a silty situation goes all the way up to 100 watts. It does speed up there we go all the way down to drumroll please five watts and then when you’re done.

You can just click the fire button now three clicks went in when it says power mode like that you can then tilt and then there is a TCR mode if you want to do temp control. So you can then scroll through your temp.

We’re in Celsius right now, now into Fahrenheit, then when you pick the temp you want, you press the button again and now you can scroll through your wattage then press the button again, and set your TCR depending on what metal it is that you’re using and obviously it’s got to be a metal that works with TCR – stainless steel, nickel-titanium.

Next, you have mech mode that’s just a bypass mode. So now we’re in mecha mode. Here so the voltage will go down as your battery is dying. Next, you have come on factory settings that basically just reset and then back to power mode let’s go up to 50 watts now, 52 is fine and call it good – so pretty interesting!

You got to get used to the gyroscope in here and the tilting but it works pretty well it’s not super difficult and it is nice that you have

fewer buttons on the face here that you don’t have to worry about accidentally pressing or anything. Here it is in my hand. I don’t have an original Nunchaku more but it’s longer and it is fatter for sure but you get that big battery and I know that was one thing that with the original kit that people wanted to see.

Users wanted to be able to put a bigger battery in theirs so it lasted longer. it’s very comfortable actually if you like a tube-style and of course, you could use other atomizers on top of this RDA so on and so forth. Here is the silver one I’ve been using. It’s gonna come in some other colors as well — there’s a black rainbow, I believe. It says Nunchaku 2 – right there.

I think I forgot to point that out that is it for the up-close. Let’s go ahead go up top vape these and talk about them a little more.

All right, here’s the Nunchaku 2 kit. This one has the point to UM coil inside but it’s reading point one 757 watts airflows wide open. Let’s vape it. I really like this tank, a nice restricted lung. It is really good between 5560 watts. Now, this one has the 0.14 coil inside but it’s reading 0.12 airflows wide open sixty watts.

Let’s vape. that nice smooth draw really fast ramped up and both of these tanks are awesome like plenty of warmth about 55 to 60 watts so they’re a nice lower wattage mesh sub-ohm tank for those people that still want a direct long tank but don’t want to do like two 70, 80, 90 watt types of tanks, rather want something that has a little lower wattage. The flavor on the tank is outstanding as well your mouth is pretty damn close to the coil heads as far as any cons go with the tank.

I really just wish the fill port was a little bit larger that’s about it you know with needle tips it fits fine but for droppers, it might be kind of an uncomfortable for you, but besides that, the tank is worth your money. I haven’t said that for a while but this is a really good tank . I’m going to continue to use it. if you like a slightly restricted lung hit mesh tank you’re gonna like this thing.

Now, as far as the mod goes, any cons really it’s too big to be expected. It’s a 21700 tube mod. It’s taller, it’s thicker, but you get a lot of extra battery life, The only thing that takes some getting used to is the gyroscope and doing this and now once you get used to it, it is actually not bad at all and it is nice that you don’t have any extra buttons here that if you forget to lock or whatever you accidentally press them in and adjust your wattage, very easy to use once you get the hang of doing this. That goes up to 100 watts as you saw.

The only minor con for me is not super fond of the really glossy finish on this one. The silvers not as glossy but this one’s like super-duper car paint glossy. As far as pros go, build quality on it is fantastic. I already said the tanks really nice. I love this tank definitely going to continue to use it. A big pro is that you can use 18 650s 2700 or 21 700s inside of the mod. The button on it feels great.

Moreover, the screen is easy to read. As I said, the gyroscope is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. I mean, it’s a nice kit if you like them in Chuck a series but you always wish it would take a 21700 battery the tank itself is like in my top five top six mesh tanks all year and the mod is no slouch. If you like a tube mod, I tend to go for box and box mods myself but I know a lot of people do like to months but I’m definitely gonna continue using this tank for sure.

Its first price on the kit I haven’t seen anyone in the states have it in stock yet but I’m guessing it’s gonna be in like a $60-$70 range. The build quality is nice if you wanted to mod that’s regulated you like the whole layout of this you don’t mind a bare-bones board. One other thing I do wish that it did have a puff counter though on the display, that would have been nice but if you like for the London trucker series, you want to regulate a tube mod you could even use RDAs on this.

As I said the tanks amazing then I say it’s a no-brainer if you like the form factor you’re gonna dig it. Let’s go ahead and end the review there. Let us know what you think about the 21700 Nunchaku 2 Kit from Uwell in the comments section below.

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