UwellCaliburn Starter Kit Review

UwellCaliburn Starter Kit Review

Catch some clouds from the coast with the UwellCaliburn Pod Mod. This cool piece of vaping gear is simple yet powerful. Don’t need me to convince you to pick this one up? Okay, let’s get to it. The UwellCaliburn has a design reminiscent of those classic movie theater marquee signs, which I’m kind of digging. It has an internal 520 milliamp-hour battery so that is definitely going to last you for any day outings you have on your calendar.

This little pod mod also has two different ways to vape, you can either push to fire or draw to fire. Below said fire button, is an LED indicator that lets you know how much power you got left and when the device is firing. Another small but cool feature is the fact that there are windows on the side of the mod so you can see how much e-liquid you have left. So no dry hits for you. Now about the pods, each pod has a two-milliliter capacity and is rated for 1.4 ohms.

UwellCaliburn Starter Kit Review

They are built for nic salts but can be used with regular e-liquid as well. These pods are top-fills. Simply wiggle the drip tip cover until it comes loose, and use the 3.5-millimeter fill port to top off your pod. Now I will say, the drip tip cover feels a bit flimsy to the touch. Having said that, you’re probably wondering, how does it vape? Truth is, surprisingly well, even with a regular e-liquid. It has an incredibly smooth draw and the clouds it makes are dense, warm, and flavorful.

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