VandyVape Swell Kit – Bluetooth Traceable‎ MOD Review 2019

VandyVape Swell Kit - Bluetooth Traceable‎ MOD Review 2019

Today we are going to take a look at VandyVape Swell Kit. It comes with a more than a tank opening the box which by the way has a magnetic lid. We find this too well. A PRETTY CUTE LITTLE seven tank with a drip matching the colors of the mug.

VandyVape Swell Kit - Bluetooth Traceable‎ MOD Review 2019

Then we get the swell mug. This is the wave blue combination color one which I think is the most pretty out of the four I received underneath we find a rather short micro USP cable for charging and firmware upgrades even though it unnecessarily needed since the companion smartphone app does all of that and much more.

Well not charging but there’s a lot inside the little envelope. We get a few spare o rings and a bunch of paperwork like warranty information quality control certificate information about the smartphone app battery warning card end user manual.

VandyVape Swell Kit - Bluetooth Traceable‎ MOD Review 2019

Moreover, you get next for a bubble tank. And a replacement coil ahead the swelled tank is a rather small mash some tank even though comes assembler with a triple coil head. We get to airflow sluts and an airflow adjustment ring at the bottom and the need.

We also have our 510 connectors at the top. We have a proprietary type of 510 drip tip where the o ring sits inside the connector, not on the drip. Not sure why they are trying to pry it to rise I guess make proprietary drip tubes anyway all other 510 derivatives will still work just fine.

The top field part was engineered well it relies on these very well machined rails on the side of the tank.

It only requires a third of a turn to open and catching the rails takes no effort whatsoever really nice machining and need and screwing the base gives you access to the coil have allows you to place and replace the coil but also allows you to place and replace the glass thing perhaps you want to go with the bubble tank instead of the coils.

VandyVape Swell Kit - Bluetooth Traceable‎ MOD Review 2019

Both Kanto and they will be labeled on the packaging as you saw huge props to that the coil that came assembled in the tank is a zero point one five-ohm triple mesh coil have erected to work between 50 and 100 watts.

And here you can see each quietly inside D.M. 80 though is also a zero point one five-ohm coil has rate to work between 50 and 90 watts. And as you can see it is a wider but single mesh coil head.

Here is a closer look at this single mesh. And here a closer look at the triple mesh to use it. You’re going to have to screw the coil head to the base primitive and then screw the tank all back together.

VandyVape Swell Kit - Bluetooth Traceable‎ MOD Review 2019

Both of these coils have pretty much the same amount of airflow anyway but I’m going with the triple coil today. The liquid I’m using today is my new favorite liquid of all times despite the weirdness of the recipe.

Yes, it is a caramelized rose the Japanese sweet potato with liquid it is called guru dough by yummy vapor to fill it. We have a very wide slot even though we also have an additional ventilation hole to let Eric’s cape.

Not sure why is it needed with such a wide field part but hey it doesn’t hurt being there and now it’s time to check this swell dual battery box month. Yeah. That’s right. You heard right the swell is a dual battery box marked with a few innovations under the hood.

Beautiful materials and beautiful color panels are available. The frame is made out of the same tough and reliable material they used on the Post series of small ones. But look at the round edges around sides and curves these things.

VandyVape Swell Kit - Bluetooth Traceable‎ MOD Review 2019

This is by far the elegant box moth in the planet and ergonomic at the same time at the top of the mother we have a stainless steel 510 connector with waves around it inside the connector. We have a gold-plated centerpiece but don’t seem to have a lot of travel.

We also have the logo, as well as four screws, moving on. We have very deeply engraved onto the side like the pulse mods and to be honest that’s something I would like to see being reduced in size. It is starting to become too much branding in my opinion on the bottom.

We have three tiny holes to help ventilate the PCV but also to act as a drain. If you get one inside because this PCV is water-resistant and still on the bottom of the month we have little slots to help you open the panels because they are both removals as far as controls.

VandyVape Swell Kit - Bluetooth Traceable‎ MOD Review 2019

We have a fire button a control screen up and down buttons but also micro USB port underneath both the fire button as well as the up and down buttons are super cliquey with a tiny bit of machinists but still not a lot of travel in the console screen.

The control screen is very prompt to scratches and I guess they either left the protective plastic these screens come with from factory or they assemble the very shitty one on top of the screen, to be honest. As I said, the panels.

They both come off. They attached to the model with one magnet at the top and attached to the battery with another magnet at the bottom. But just like with the pulse mods you will be able to buy different ones separately and be able to change the looks of your mug.

As far as the battery compartment we have spring-loaded contacts at the top fixed contacts at the bottom. There’s also battery orientation on the sides marked well and contrasting with the black huge props to that the batteries are going to be connected in working in series by the way and to switch them.

VandyVape Swell Kit - Bluetooth Traceable‎ MOD Review 2019

You have to remove both panels and pull them out. Poking your fingers from behind. I would like to see a battery tab too. Sometimes I feel like it is just too much to maneuver when I’m in a hurry trying to switch batteries trying to pull both panels out and then switch the batteries and put both panels back in.

It’s just too much sometimes and now the first thing you should do when you get these devices download the venti vape app which will be available for both Android and IOA soon. Register your account and log in because this is where things start to become innovative with this mod.

Once you do install the app register for an account and log in and once you are logged in you are then able to wear the new device. It will discover the device right away as long as the mod is turned on with batteries.

You will have to confirm when the mod that you want to pair input those numbers on the phone. And that said you have the vice will be paired and listed in the list of devices for starters and the main reason why you should install the app in paired the device is that you will be able to upgrade the firmware over Bluetooth.

VandyVape Swell Kit - Bluetooth Traceable‎ MOD Review 2019

It’s also great that they tell you what changed or what was fixed. This is something smog actually attempted first but failed miserably over and over again under the same section. You will also find different themes and more to come.

What’s pretty neat about this implementation is the fact that you get all the information in the preview on the theme you are about to install. If you install a different theme though right now, they don’t have the default available or the device restarts setting working either on the app.

So, the only chance you have to go back to the default thing is to flash the latest firmware back to the month. Next, we have the lost prevention features and inside that section features like an entire loss alerts that will go off if you move away from the mug with your phone and the Bluetooth gets disconnected.

VandyVape Swell Kit - Bluetooth Traceable‎ MOD Review 2019

A feature that is not working yet by the time I’m writing this review this is also the place where you can rename your device and play a sound to find the device not only the MoD will connect to the smartphone even when you have it off which is perfect but it will also sound a beep not very loud though but will sound a bit to help you look at the MoD in case you don’t know where you placed it.

And last but not least we have control over the mod’s basic functions as well as some more advanced ones like curves so in the power section we can adjust the power. We can also adjust the various curves save them restart them and even send them to the mod with the send button at the bottom.

Even though the simple wattage adjustments happen in the mod right away then we have the tab for temperature control mode where you can adjust the temperature. We can pick the material but it is still lacking manual TCR.

And we can also adjust the wattage and last but not least we have the voltage mode where you can adjust in vaults from zero point five up to eight volts. Indeed, very innovative capabilities which to be honest even with the beta version of the app by the time I am shooting this review most of the features included are already working pretty well.

VandyVape Swell Kit - Bluetooth Traceable‎ MOD Review 2019

I can see it’s only going to improve from here in my attempts to pull this device apart and actually inspect the PCV that’s what I wanted to see even though, to be honest, to be fair I could destroy the device but there’s already footage online on its website, YouTube, and even on Tania’s video he shows the PCV submerged in the water because the PCV has a coating to be water-resistant.

This is as far as I could go so, I was able to pull apart the top of the device and I was already expecting to be metal because as you can see these metallic parts are going to scratch over time and that’s kind of a shame.

The 510 connection is the central steel 510 connection press feed from underneath so it is very secure. It’s sealed. Everything is very well sealed even though again the PCV is water-resistant but it would be nice for the stainless steel 510 connected to protrude just a hand just a tiny bit from the plate and that would prevent scratches on the top of the device but as it is right now.

Yes, do expect some scratches on the top of the device. So, even though the frame most of the device is made out of these nylons the same nylon type of plastic they used on the pole’s devices the top of the device is still a metallic plate and then the 510-center pin.

The positive center pin is assembled inside of the device and it just reveals itself under the 510 connection and it is also sealed between different the pin and the fact and connections so everything is sealed well.

VandyVape Swell Kit - Bluetooth Traceable‎ MOD Review 2019

Also, these may be just a secondary inductor or maybe the primary inductor but it is very nice it is very interesting that they decided to assemble on top. I don’t know if because of lack of space in the section where the PCV is located or if they decided to assemble this guy on top to be close to the metallic section because the metal is going to conduct heat away from the device a lot better.


But as far as the PCV I am pretty sure that the plastic faceplate is glued into the frame. I believe it is glued to the frame and of course covering and protecting the PCV and in holding the buttons in place I believe it is glued to the frame because there are some little tiny traces of glue on that gap.

That’s something I was thinking about mentioning as a con perhaps because if I pull other devices this one, I never used it. If I pull other devices you can see right out of the box some traces of glue so I would have to describe the mod which I would but since there is already footage showing the PCV in the water and everything.

There’s no point in destroying another device. And here we have the main interface and the many interfaces are and in this case, in variable wattage mode we have both very bars and we have our wattage.

VandyVape Swell Kit - Bluetooth Traceable‎ MOD Review 2019

We have the most intense resistance to the Applied Voltage the perf counter and also the time of the fight. If you hold both the fire and the up buttons at the same time you are going to be able to lock you just ability.

If you hold both at the same time again you won’t look at the just ability. One interesting thing, (and even though we already covered it) is the fact that even with the device of the app still connects over Bluetooth.

So the Bluetooth on the device is always in standby and it is always on the look for a connection between the device and your mom invariably wattage mode you can adjust your device in variable wattage of course in one Watts increments from 5 watts all the way up to one hundred and eighty-eight watts and it does not round-robin if you press the fire button four times you are going to be able to adjust the boost the ramp up but remember all those boosts slash preheat slash ramp-up settings you have to customize using the app and then upload send them to the device and then you are going to be able to pick them manually here to change the modes.

VandyVape Swell Kit - Bluetooth Traceable‎ MOD Review 2019

Press the final button three times in a mode will start blinking next mode is going to be bypass mode. I don’t know why the bypass mode shows turbo on the screen. It doesn’t make any sense. It is just a bypass mode. Just be aware that the bypass mode on this device is going to simulate a series of mechanical modes.

With all the regulations and safety features but it is going to apply the voltage from two batteries in series and you have to build accordingly the next setting is going to be voltage here.

You can adjust in volts and you can adjust these the vice from point five volts in point 1 volts increments all the way up to eight point zero volts next mode is temperature control well all the temperature control modes for stainless steel nickel and titanium all those modes are going to work the same with using those modes you adjust in temperature either in degrees Celsius limits Fahrenheit.

If you press the fire button four times you are still going to be able to select to pick the wattage even in temperature-controlled and pressing the fire button three times again you can see that after the temperature control mode we are back to what it is to access the menu much like the previous Vandy vapes chipset based devices you just have to hold both the up and down buttons at the same time.

VandyVape Swell Kit - Bluetooth Traceable‎ MOD Review 2019

First is going to be the main settings or the modes you have available to have selected or have enabled on these the vice.

Much like the previous Vandy devices you can select you can enable or disable the modes you may or may not care about so for instance if you don’t care about voltage mode you fell on care about bypass mode stuff like that.

The same things you would have to adjust you would have to select with the previous venti devices the ability to pick and choose the one you wanted to see on the device are still here.

So now for instances that I doubt that I removed those modes if I press the five-button three times you can see that now I only have variable wattage and temperature it is still kind of a shame that we don’t have manual TCR temperature control but if a different material appears at least we have firmware upgrades and firmware upgrades are done so we see through the apps I’m pretty sure of any vibe would include the profile for that new material even though I’m not aware of that.

The thing that I’m aware of is the fact that there are people out there using different wires like knife tall and IFC wire which I used before. I think with the dye codes any extreme and those people rely on manual TCR attempt to control most.

This device doesn’t offer that which is kind of a shame. The next option is going to be the hibernation so you can set the amount of time you want the device to hibernate. I don’t know for sure what hibernate does because the thing is the device the screen goes into standby.

VandyVape Swell Kit

And even after the hibernation mode even when the device hibernates the only thing that I can see happens is the delay. It increases so if you pick the device up and it is in hibernation mode the ramp-up is going to be much higher when you find the device to vape.

But even in hibernation mode if you toggle the little toggle on your smartphone app it still connects to the device over Bluetooth. So, I don’t know maybe a lower power mode but the Bluetooth module is still on in the lowing connection.

To be honest I don’t know what the hibernation mode does because all the functions are still available Bluetooth connectivity is still available even on hibernation mode. The only thing it does is making the ramp up worse.

Then we have brightness and the reason why I have the brightness so low is that the screen is stupid bright for my camera so it just everything just becomes super blurred on the screen.

I had to lower the brightness down to be on camera to record to be able to record the screen. Next, we have the puff count. You can see the perf count is the same amount of puffs that we have on the main working screen.

But here is the place where you can reset the puffs. UI is the place where you can pick and choose a different color for the overall UI on the device and then we also have the firmware version. The PCV in the name you give to the device using the smartphone app is going to show here too.

VandyVape Swell Kit

Then we have set resistance which is going to set or reset or reassemble the resistance if you are using the device in temperature control. We also have TCR. It is going to give you the ability to fine-tune the DVR and then each one of those materials you select.

Then we have reset. This is going to be the factory reset and you also have the little icon the option to go back to the main working screen. The fact that we have control over the UI as far as the colors are concerned but then, of course, using the smartphone app you also you are going to have different themes.

You can upload it to the device. That’s also the reason why I’m not discussing the interface or the layout on the main working screen that much because we are going to have a lot of different layouts slash themes being released and available on the app.

You can just use the app to upload the new themes to the device especially in temperature control because it is a lot more important than temperature control.

The Resistance, when you attach an atomizer the device is going to read the resistance right away once it makes the connection but it is going it is still going to ask you whether or not it is a new coil or the old coil.

VandyVape Swell Kit

I do recommend you attach the atomizer down insecure and the atomizer should be at room temperature and then you press up or plus to read the resistance. But remember you can still hold both buttons together go back to the main menu to resistance set and it is going to default.

It is going to resemble the resistance again and you can see that it didn’t make much of a difference because it read the resistance is very accurate, to begin with. Baby the swell bucks more.

We’ll be available in different colors with panels in either resin or G10 for ninety-one dollars the Kit. Sixty-six dollars. The model alone in places like my v pro. But remember you can always buy different panels separate loads of innovation and sexiness with these when you need the tank even though different shapes and different looks use and come with the same coils.

The first feature I want to address is the Bluetooth feature on the Bluetooth module installed on the PCV and that’s the fact that I couldn’t find anywhere online even on what on their website. I didn’t see anywhere the version of Bluetooth or the module.

Is it Bluetooth 4.0? I think we should know but I believe it’s the latest Bluetooth standard. They assembled on these species me because I left this device sitting on my desk for days.

VandyVape Swell Kit

It also looks like the Bluetooth module is always active because every time you pull your phone even if the device is in hibernation mode you pull your phone and you flip that switch to make the connection it makes the connection.

So the Bluetooth module is always on and searching and I left this month for three or four days on my desk because I actually got it like two or three weeks ago so it has been sitting on my desk for two or three days and I didn’t see it draining more batteries just because of that and the latest Bluetooth revision.

The latest Bluetooth versions are pretty efficient as far as power is concerned so I do believe it is the latest standard in Bluetooth but I still want to see that listed but I love these mods and I can say without a doubt the most innovative box mod in 2019 performance-wise it reads resistance is super them accurate.

Yes, just a little underpowered all across the board. Not the worst I’ve seen but still underpowered by a little and the maximum I got was one hundred and eighty Watts with the zero point two FA ohm resistance with Low batteries drops a little to paint temperature control with the TCR 0 9 2 0 as opposed to the default 1 1 0 0 4 stainless steel this thing is super accurate not just accurate but smooth.

Going through the liquid, but a bit jumpy when the wick is almost dry. That’s why you see that spike at the end even though I didn’t touch the wake or drift any liquid in power mode at the lowest wattage the delay used twelve merely seconds and we get a clean DC signal and its medium wattage.

VandyVape Swell Kit

We still have a clean DC signal but a 58 milliseconds response time and at the maximum wattage and even more clean DC signal and 140 milliseconds response time. But when the device is in hibernation the delay is a lot more significant.

To be honest I am still on this day at this point. I don’t know what the hibernation does because the Bluetooth is still active. You can still connect the device with the device in hibernation mode whatever but in hibernation, the delay is a lot more significant.

Four hundred and thirty-two milliseconds from the moment you push the button and it fires. This is a bit crazy, to be honest. As far as the 510 connection it has more travel than the most common in devices measured by me throughout the years.

In regards to better manage these device charges your batteries averaging one point fifty-nine amps but does not charge them perfectly balanced. Therefore, I recommend you to charge them on a dedicated charger.

And last but not least as far as internal temperature protection. I don’t know I can’t confirm if it has or not because no matter what I did to this device after all the stress tests I usually do.

I never have seen a warning but the device never went above one hundred- and thirty-four-degrees Fahrenheit. Not sure if because one of the doctors was assembled on the top in the way from the PCV but this thing doesn’t heat higher than one hundred- and thirty-four-degrees Fahrenheit, which is crazy.

Is the vice rinse cold all the time? In the meantime, I switched to the Aqua master tank because I have a 360 now stainless-steel coil assembly inside at 450 degrees Fahrenheit with the TCR I show on the charts.

A lot of good things and innovative things are attached to this one. I love the shape form factor in the materials. This screen is stupid bright and sharp. The PCV inside the model is waterproof so you can pull the batteries out and wash the mud.

VandyVape Swell Kit

Even though I still wouldn’t submerge it constantly though that test, submerging the board the PCV on boiling water kind of proved otherwise the overall performance is good not great but good enough and maybe better later on with firmware upgrades.

We have firmware upgrades made super simple with the app and the app is super convenient and offers features like finding the mod that will be also different themes being released which you can install using the same app.

Overall a lot of awesomeness on the downside. The app I have is a real bug in some of the features but is not the final app being released for smartphones anyway and it is also not confirmed 100 percent if it will be available on IAW even though I don’t see why not.

I read Apple’s terms and they allow companion apps if they don’t promote vaping or smoking so it’s just a matter of not promoting anything inside of the app. Also, it’s continuing with the downsides are cons wherever the plastic on top of the screen looks cheap and show scratches easy and the top plates also scratch easily which is kind of a shame, to be honest.

Overall even though one of my favorite mods in 2019 if I was to write this one I would still give it a B based on the innovative app and overall well thought out decisions on designing this mod but it could easily be a solid A if they get rid of the plastic on the screen.

If they make the 510 protrude just a hair from the top of the mod to prevent scratches and if they fix and tuned balance challenging with firmware upgrades. It would be great.

What do you think about VandyVape Swell Kit? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you.

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