Vape Bright CBD Cartridge Review

This product review today is on Vape Bright’s 200 milligram CBD vape cartridge. This is their Thrive line, their very first of an evolutionary line that changed it for them, but right off the bat, I just want to say that this is a very pure product.

Vape Bright CBD vape cartridge

There are no fillers such as vegetables, glycerin or propylene glycol which are usually used. Propylene glycol is usually used to loosen the viscosity of CBD products and other vape products, while vegetable glycerin, of course, is used to amplify the size of the cloud that you get. The vape cloud that you get after you smoke your products so there’s no absolutely any fillers in this product which I really really love about this product, so it’s completely pure.

There’s no nicotine and very trace amounts of THC and you can view the lab results below, which I’m going to link for you but just a little bit more about this product that comes in a half a gram – that says right here, half a gram cartridge and each cartridge contains about 20 servings which are about 10 inhales each serving and per day vape Brite is recommending that you take about 10 inhales 2 to 3 2 to 3 seconds a day.

Vape Bright CBD vape cartridge_2

Let me read that again, take 10 inhalations which are 2 to 3 seconds each and you can do that twice daily or as needed depending on your own preference but I’m going to show you guys how easy it is to use. You just pop the cartridge out and screw it on to your little battery right here and just smoke it. So as you can see, even though it doesn’t have any of those pillars that create that big cloud, you still do get a pretty substantial amount of big cloud that’s coming out.

I’m just from vaping this and I’m gonna do it one more time for you guys just so you can tell you what it feels like. So, a pretty substantial amount of cloud there. I’m just a little bit more about this product. it is completely organic and made in the USA, of course, and Vape Bright does offer international shipping; however, their US shipping will ship to all 50 states and it will take about two to four days within the US.Vape Bright CBD vape cartridge_3

For international shipping, it just varies, of course, and it’ll definitely have to apply with and follow regulations per country that it is going to but pretty much that this line from Vape Bright is their very first line, the revolutionary line that they’ve created that is completely pure and pretty much 100% of it is no fillers or anything like that.

it’s CBD and there is some proprietary oil in here which is organic hemp oil and which is the seeds and the stocks and you can read this on the supplement facts on the box but I’m just gonna mention it for you guys and that also includes organic MCT oil which comes from.

We’ve talked about this before- it comes from coconut oil and the head contains tear paint so pretty much this product so appears to me as probably one of the purest vapes that I’ve ever tried and I really love it.

Thank you so much Vape Bright for hooking it up but this particular product right here it comes in at $45 and I think it’s a little bit more pricey because it’s so much purer than other vape cartridges but they do have a deal if you buy the 3-pack it’s one twenty-eight or if you buy the five-pack it’s 202 so it’s not that bad.

If you think about really investing in them in this pure product that they pipe offers with their Thrive line. If there are any other products that you guys want me to try or review, please let me know in the comments section below!

Vinay Patel
Vinay is a proactive content writer, a blogger with over 6 years of experience in writing original and high-quality content.


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