VapeFlyBrunhilde RTA Review

VapeFlyBrunhilde RTA Review

Today we are going to take a look at a very nostalgic new RTA from Vandy vape in the German where no one team and I say nostalgic because it literally brings me back to the old days a few years ago when I used to play a lot with Genesis style RTA is using stainless steel mesh in stainless steel rope.

VapeFlyBrunhilde RTA Review

The RTA we are seeing here today is called Bruin healed RTA. When we first opened the box, we are presented with a little welcoming card not just in explaining who is the team 1 0 3 but also listing every single member of the team on the back inside the same box you are going to find the Bruin healed RTA.

VapeFlyBrunhilde RTA Review

From top to bottom we have a drip tip. We have side honeycomb style airflow on both sides as it is a dual coil RTA as well as an extra airflow hole that feeds air into the additional internal airflow you will see later on in the north.

We have a glass tank protected and enclosed inside which is already displaying the stainless-steel ropes on the inside and then underneath. We have some information as well as the 510 connected with the protruding gold-plated positive center pin and I would go as far as saying protruding so much that it is indeed hybrid safe. The drip tip is removable.

VapeFlyBrunhilde RTA Review

It is an 8 10 style drip tip and the tank compatible with any other style tips you may already have. The cap is also removable as it is held in place with 2 0 rings around the deck but the build deck is also removable from the tank and to do so you just have to unscrew the deck which literally unscrewed the 510 connection from the tank that will allow you to place and replace the glass tank but also allow you to clean the tank in the stainless steel ropes even though you can pull them out from the top as well.

But if you do if you remove the deck from the tank keep in mind the open hole left and the reason why you would have to empty the tank first but also pay attention to that black or ring because trust me if you remove it it is a little bit of a problem to assemble the ring back into place as there is very limited access due to the diameter of the tank. Not that we took the tank apart. You can also see the stainless-steel ropes that come out either way. Removing them for we are left with four holes just like any other DTA which we usually feed with cotton. But this time we fitted with stainless steel rope.

VapeFlyBrunhilde RTA Review

The stainless-steel rope will conduct the leak within two weeks once we build it wicked and laid the cut them down on the ropes assembling the tank though it is a very simple very easy process to even if you leave the ropes out assembling all four ropes. Beck is also a very easy very simple process though. The side airflow is super versatile though you can adjust the top row you can also adjust the bottom row and you can also adjust vertically just by spinning the top cap but you can also adjust the inner airflow by spinning the lower cap.

VapeFlyBrunhilde RTA Review

There is a single hole that feeds air into the inner channels built between the poles and on the opposite side. We have a very well-placed and very convenient fill hole to fill and refill the tank with liquid because the tank sits below the bottom airflow hole will feed the air to the honeycomb style channel built between the poles. So, we literally have airflow covering both sides of our coils.

The machining of the posts is a bit rough and could be a lot better in my opinion. The calls included Oh God. They are by far the best quality exotic cars I’ve ever seen included with a rebuild level atomizer specially made in China.

VapeFlyBrunhilde RTA Review

Twenty-five cents from every sale are being donated to public health organizations. And that’s that. That is fantastic.

These guys these team one three is doing it for the right reasons and that’s very novel. The brain healed brings that style to a whole new level because now it uses regular calls with plenty and yet super versatile airflow this time around you can build on these ones any style and any size of coils to be honest. Just keep in mind that super-hot builds an insanely crazy wattage is still cause the cap to heat quite a lot but with a set of coils much like the ones included Iran 80 watts and even up to 100 watts you are going to be fine.

VapeFlyBrunhilde RTA Review

The cap does become warm but not insanely hot. The airflow is also super versatile but also super smooth and quiet all across the board. We also have a lot of flexibility as far as airflow adjustments but if you cut the inner airflow the airflow inside built between the poles. If you get the inner airflow down in half or more than half you will offset the outer airflow. It won’t be aligned with the center of your coils anymore.

VapeFlyBrunhilde RTA Review

The thing is the stainless-steel rope or the gaps in the stainless-steel ropes are just perfect for capillary action. I think it would be also really nice to see hard stops on the cap something, like making the cap click with the airflow open and making the cap click with the field part open some kind of hard stops would be nice because the cap is, is not too loose but sometimes it is like you tried to find the field part and you kind of pass by the field path and then you have to twist the cap in the other way.

VapeFlyBrunhilde RTA Review

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