Vaping illness surpasses 18 deaths and 1000 cases according to CDC

The number of vaping related diseases has been continuously increasing at a brisk pace. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) reported 18 deaths and more than 1000 cases across the U.S. have been confirmed.

Over the last week, CDC has identified over an alarming 275 cases and investigation of other several deaths that are suspicious of being caused by vaping products, Dr. Anne Schuchat, the CDC’s principal deputy director said in a conference call Thursday.

“We haven’t seen a measurable drop in the occurrences of new cases. The data that we’ve seen doesn’t suggest it has peaked, it doesn’t suggest this is declining.” She added.

Across the U.S. Virgin Island so far, the CDC has reported around 1080 cases.

According to Schuchat, doctors are still not able to figure out the cause that’s making people physically ill. Of the aforesaid 578 cases where doctors had an idea what patients were using, about 78 percent of the patients admitted to vaping THC, which is an active ingredient in marijuana, CDC reports.

“In light of the seriousness of this condition,” the users should stop vaping immediately, especially THC and particularly anything users buys from the streets or any substance that is not approved by the manufacturer.

Due to the sudden death numbers jumping from 12 to 18 within a week’s time, it is clear that older adults are more likely to fall ill.

“The fatalities that we’re seeing tend to be a bit older,” she added.  The average age of deceased people is close to 50 while the average age of patients having lung illness is 23.

More than hundreds of physicians and investigators have been dispatched by the CDC since the lung illness began to emerge in the month of July as a public health threat. Doctors initially noted that the mysterious illness had a striking resemblance to a rare form of pneumonia, and is caused by oil in the lungs; however, the latest studies debunk this theory.

In a recently published study by the Mayo Clinic researchers suggests a mix of “toxic chemical fumes,” and just oils may be the reason that is making patients sick. Lung biopsies have been examined from seventeen patients suspected of having this mysterious illness.

CDC Director Robert Redfield said, “CDC will continue to work with FDA and state health partners to investigate the cause, or causes, of this outbreak and to bring an end to these lung injuries”.

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