Vaporesso Degree Pod System Review

Vaporesso Degree Pod System Review

Today we will be reviewing Vaporesso Degree Pod System with having you pod base kit by a professor which is made of stainless steel comes with their famous PTF top fuel system two parts mesh buoyancy cell so let’s not waste any more time and dive down and here’s the packaging for the vapor a so degree kept on the flip side we have the description some specs contains the package scratch and check coat here is the color for the device you receive and this one is the sample packaging the kit itself will go over it shortly.

Now let’s check the bottom of the box at the bottom we have the envelope with the warranty card and some warnings we have this kind of thing to put on your mod micro USB to USB cable for charging the battery we have the little bottle here to refill the pod conveniently and we have the spare part one is pre-installed inside and at the very bottom we have the user manual and here’s the degree it by vaporous so classic box shape the body is made of stainless steel brushed so no fingerprints at the top.

Vaporesso Degree Pod System Review

We can see the PDF filling system press to fill as often Rinoa zero and the pod stick and let’s start from the top of the top we have the sleeve style very cheap mouthpiece and below we have the airflow control its dual-sided with now stopper our feeling hole here and at this side we have the fire button water job waters down buttons point six nine-inch display we have the micro USB port to charge in the battery at the bottom we have the venting hole here this is made in China.

Vaporesso Degree Pod System Review

The cover for the parts section size comparison for you with the similar device this one is artery pal – Pro so you will have the basic idea and it’s just a little bit taller like 1/2 centimeter but a little bit thinner than this one basically almost the same size except to Thomas we have the plastic cover on this site don’t solve available in the resin colors like this also having options with the black body.

Now let me mention cover 6 forum there are no rattles here we have the string to pull the cut out like this comes with this protective film says pilaf comes pre-installed with CL coil rated at 7 to 12.5 watts and this one is for the high nicotine sold Nicki juices works better with them.

Our press to fill port contacts it’s fully transparent and now let me show you the other part here’s the mesh coil top point 600 rated at 16 to 22 watts and it works fine even with 72 reduces thanks to these big openings waking polar ports it holds two MLS.

First of all its five clicks to turn off and now it’s turned on maximum it goes to 22 watts with the meshed foot and minimum is 5 watts one two three to lock the buttons but you still can’t fire same to unlock it and if you press wattage down and this one you have the screen timeout time up to 10 seconds long-press it and if you press water job you can flip the screen water chop and fire button together.

If you hold three of them together you can see the PCB board lumber and if you press power water chocolate watch down bottom together you can clear the puff counter like so and the device is powered by 950 mAh battery power range is 5 to 30 watts but you’re limited by the chip.

For example, this mesh coil is rated at 20 to watch maximum so you can get 22 with it to avoid burning out the coil it has the exome chip newest chip from vapor reso which has the temperature control built-in to prevent you the dry burn in the coil you also have the smart output feature with this chip it sets the 10 watts for CFL pot and 20 watts for the mashed pot to avoid miss usage.

From there you can go to additional fine-tuning for your wattage output plus you get a low a liquid screen reminder and when you running low on a liquid the screen will say low e-liquid so now let’s refill it and go back on top.

Yes, we’re good just a little bit messing there we can wipe it off with a napkin so yep let’s go back on top and a bit we’re back on top with the vapor a sturdy drink it. I have it on 22 watts it’s the freebase liquid inside 10 milligrams man we have there fully opened so let’s have made it’s really good restrictive low heat and the mesh coil is really doing good with the flavor is great for this type of device and by that I mean the part based systems you can’t really compare the flavors of respect to RDA RTA or sub tanks but for pod-based systems the flavor is really great on this one and the toys quite restrictive it’s very warm flavor away and we can also try the MTL on this one.

For that we need to just decrease the power I’d say to 15 16 watts so let’s just start with 16 watts and then just leave a tiny hole open with the airflow to let’s try and yet it’s empty a level as you can see the flavor is great optimum equivalent airflow is tight enough to do the empty line and the sight of the great performance of this device.

I would say it looks great as well and I like to use the stainless steel for the body of this device you feel some weight and it feels like quality feels different than seeing cover for example aluminum alloy and I would even say it feels a little bit of high-end and with that being said I am done with this review if you find this informative and helpful please make you comment down below and share your thoughts about Vaporesso Degree Pod System.

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