Vaporesso Podstick Starter Kit Review

Today we have a new starter kit my vapor resto to show you and this one is pod stick starter kit in vaporous so this time combine the convenience of using the pod systems with the pod and the battery and output of the pen style kits.

Vaporesso Podstick Starter Kit Review

So in this review we’re going to be doing the unboxing we will quickly go over the device feel the paths go back on top baby and talk about them more so lets that Domino and this is the packaging paper isopod stick comes in here we can see the color configuration the blue one and here let me freeze-frame for you this mess-free battery life displays flavor realizer and optimized for MTL.

The shell coil and at the flip side we have some description package contains some specs authenticity check code now let’s open it here’s our kit with pre-installed pod we’ll go over it shortly now let’s see the contains of this box here we have the USB cable to charge in the battery here we have the bottle in case you have a juice with the glass dropper bottle.

We have the spare part as per the instruction how to check out on this itty our user manual and here’s our warranty card and user advisory and here’s the vaporous of pad stick starter kit and as you saw on the box the slogan of it is the best of both worlds and by the world, they mean bad systems and very pens or web things and by the design.

Vaporesso Podstick Starter Kit Review

It resembles the vape pen ego style around its shape on here and this one is I guess is same around it because we have this part here with the PCB board on the front and on the top instead of a tank we have the pod cartridge with the built-in coil which makes it a pod system as well.

So I guess we uncovered the name and the body itself is made of aluminum alloy it’s very light weighted the whole kit weighs 44 grams only and it is 111 millimeters tall 22 millimeters wide and 18 millimeter deep it is basically the same on the diameter with 18 650 battery just a little bit taller and with this part which sticks out with the PCB board before and the plastic features 900 mob built-in battery has five-level indication here’s the lights 20% step so if we have the five lights it’s somewhere near 1880 and 100.

Vaporesso Podstick Starter Kit Review

We say if we have four lights it’s somewhere between 60 and 80 and so forth so if we have it on the last light only one light left so it’s below 20% here we have the name pot stick paper s so branding here’s the logo of the company on the front panel we have the fire button as well on/off switch and we can choose the output options as well there’s three output options medium-high and low.

Vaporesso Podstick Starter Kit Review

It’s just presses fitted and here’s the much-wet fixes in this place so it basically no wobbles almost sit firmly at the bottom we have the USB port micro USB port for charging the battery and the mod is powered by vaporizes famous only board which automatically recognizes the coil but its resistance which will reduce the possibility of dry heaves.

Vaporesso Podstick Starter Kit Review

The past we have two parts in the Box they are made of PTC G material comes with these protective stickers not let you drive on them and the pot holds two amount of edges we have the sliding cover here which also plays the role of the childproof lock same PTF press to fill mechanism same as on the Renova zero and autoplay part 12 to ml’s of e-juice as I said before.

It has the sight airflow system so here’s the airflow in that hole and here is our channel so it goes there goes down to the bottom and blows the coil up here’s our contacts now let’s see it’s a little bit too light but this one is 1.31 see cell coil ceramic one and this one we have here 0.6 mesh coil so as you can see by the size the mesh coil is a little bit bigger so now let’s fill them up my squirrel one we will use the freebase nicotine juice 60 / 40 pg / VG and the strength is about 10 to 12 million.

Vaporesso Podstick Starter Kit Review

You can see almost no mess started wicking we can see the bubbles now let’s fill up the other one and for the other one will hear the mixer juice here we have the ice mung bean 30 milligrams the bottle is too tight. I guess that’s enough and yeah here’s as well almost no mess and I will place them back in March and we can go back on top and try the both so we are back on top with the vaporous opacity kit.

Then we have the three basis mesh coil and this one is Nick soft with CCS or included so let’s try the free weights first let me put it on the maximum yeah reelect really the flavor ultimate risk well as you can expect let mean expect from the next course it’s really nice restricted in a direct lock babe and you can also do the MTL that means right but it’s very easy so the restricted direct long-wave is much better for this device the quirky possible and the vapor production is really good for this tiny size device.

Vaporesso Podstick Starter Kit Review

Now I’ve tried Nick salt-sea cell 12 and we have it on to maximum this one is an NGO and a tight one good flavor production good player out of the CCL coil just the same as when the Renova zero if you tried that one. I prefer the mask well over this one because I’m not a big fan of the mix all because of the high strength of the nicotine so I like it more with the freebase in the MTO or restricted electron heat this one is my time but both of them works great good flavor and vapor production, of course, it’s lesson this one due to the coil resistance ceramic well but this one is great as well.

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