VOOPOO Drag S AIO Kit Review

Today I want to present you a new VOOPOO product and this one is called the Drag S. This is a new AIO kit from VOOPOO, which is a newer model than the Vinci series. This is the packaging that it came in. You’ve got all the VOOPOO social media including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for those interested in checking them out. Inside of the packaging you will get a USB Type-C charging or firmware upgrade cable.

VOOPOO Drag S AIO Kit Review

For the USB Type-C on this device, you will get a user manual that will tell you how to operate the menu system and gives you all the specs and other details. Aside from that, you get two coils with the device but we’ll go over the coils shortly, and here is the Drag S and a new Drag X. In terms of design, it’s an improvement over the Vinci series, in my opinion, looks a lot better than the Vinci.

VOOPOO Drag S AIO Kit Review

It’s not that square tube anymore it’s nicely rounded off got a nice soft feeling leather panel the same gunmetal frame nice paint job on this product. Voopoo logo one side gene chip inside as well it’s a newer version of the gene chip as well on the bottom got some info about the battery. I’ve got four rubber taps which give you a little bit of grip when you put the device on a surface which is nice on the front you’ve got your fire button your screen up and down buttons.

VOOPOO Drag S AIO Kit Review

There’s USB C port to charge this internal battery of 2500 milliamp-hour battery to a decent amount of battery on this device as well then let me give you some dimensions the total length on this drag s so 116 millimeters 32 and 26.6 on the top you’ve got a fairly white bore drip tip we measure this out so with 30-millimeter drip tip mount piece it’s not a drip tip you can get this device in a lot of colors and finishes every finish will have a drag logo on it this one is the black leather one with the red stitching they call this the classics I’ve got another one another finish on the drag x this is a soft feeling pattern uh fabric with a piece of leather with drag on it as well.

VOOPOO Drag S AIO Kit Review

I’ve got liquid in it right now and then this is what it looks like underneath the pot you feel your contacts your auto draw nipple over there and on this, a new feature on this device is the adjustable airflow finally some good adjustable airflow you’ve got the lever here at the back it’s not too loose nor too tight just a good amount of tension to move the airflow around.

VOOPOO Drag S AIO Kit Review

It’s nice how they did this airflow adjustment on this new Drag series. All you need to do to turn on the device is to simply the five clicks. You got the VOOPOO logo Drag S Gene TT ship, and then you’ve got two modes on this you’ve got smart mode RBA mode your watch your battery your logging system what activation that you have right now ohms volts and then this is a new feature that they have as they added a score counter sort of a game but told me to emphasize this to get this game score this core game.

VOOPOO Drag S AIO Kit Review
You need to go to the website need to plug the device in need to do an h verification check and you need to upgrade the firmware before you get you can use this core game what this does is the number of puffs that you take the longer than you vape the higher one inches that you vape the longer pulls that you take then your score will increase over here this is your puff counter and then you can get other symbols I’m going to take the manual to show you the symbols.

VOOPOO Drag S AIO Kit Review

That’s the easiest way as you can see level one and then it goes up and up and up you can get new symbols every time it’s a little score game yeah you can think about it what you want but it’s on their me personally not very interested in that but I’m sure a lot of people will the rest is pretty much the same functions as on DaVinci so to change your mode you press the fire button three times then you can go to RBA mode or you have here pull p and a this so this is the power button and the auto draw feature activated or you can have it only with the fire button and then you go back to RBA mode if you press the fire button and the up button at the same time you will lock the buttons so everything is locked now even the fire button hold it to unlock it again if you press the fire button and the down button you will clear your puffs I’m not going to do it right now.

VOOPOO Drag S AIO Kit Review

I’ve been doing this for the past week every day almost and I’m losing all my puff registration when you hold the up and down buttons at the same time then you can go into your 14-day puff counter menu the same and as of as on DaVinci when you press the fire button chip id level code not sure what the level code is but I think it’s that code that you need to enter if you do the firmware upgrade on my device it already came pre-installed.

VOOPOO Drag S AIO Kit Review

I didn’t have to do any upgrades on it and that was about it about this menu system for the coils you get two coils with this device the first one is the classic v PNP vm1 that you got with the Vinci the 0.30 mesh coil it’s that same coil and then now they’ve got newer and improved coils so with this drag s you will get this PNP vm5.20 mesh coil best used between 40 and 60 watts mesh coil.

They cut down the wicking ports you can see the difference so this one is really open all these speaking ports and with the new newer coils they cut this down to prevent leaking to not over saturate your the coil that would leak down into your pot because I had some people that would complain about these point trio mesh coils and I’ve been using this device for eight days now and yeah it’s still going strong I’ve had no leaking so far it’s still dry down there so far so good.

VOOPOO Drag S AIO Kit Review

So now I’m going to tell you what it feels like to use this device and then share my final opinion on this. I vaped this device now at 50 watts and I like this product more than I like DaVinci. It looks better, it performs better, and it also feels better in hand. I like the styling of the device as well the pot it’s a good system now and then the main feature the biggest improvement on this for me is the adjustable airflow that works.

So you can open and close it when you close it down it’s not going to give you a real tight NTL pull but it restricts the airflow quite a lot so for me, that’s a good feature and then the menu system. It is an easy-to-operate device, I’m not interested in this score game but it doesn’t bother me that it’s on it so okay, no complaints about that 2 500 milliamp-hour battery that’s a pro.

VOOPOO Drag S AIO Kit Review

It is a pro too. So this charge is at 2 amp charges pretty quick as well and the newer coils are an improvement for me and I like the flavor on these new coils so overall for me, this is a good upgrade. If you have the previous version and you love that for me this is a good upgrade from that device so for the rest I showed you everything about this new Voopoo drag s and that’s all.

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