What parents can do to stop their teens from vaping?

According to the director of the Tobacco Research and Intervention Program, Thomas Brandon, Ph.D. at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida parents should not overreact and stay calm if they find out that their teenager is vaping.

“Share your concerns with your teen child, but do so as an informed parent, rather than simply repeating some of the extremism that has emerged in recent months,” he stated.

Dr. Michael B. Siegel, MPH, a tobacco control expert and public health researcher at the Boston University School of Public Health has the same viewpoint as Brandon.

“There is no substitute for honest conversation. Youth are very curious and will appreciate honesty and a discussion where they are learning something much more than being scolded or told what not to do.” Siegel said.

“It will also take some of the glamour out of vaping if the parent knows everything about it. Part of the appeal is that parents have no idea what their kids are doing,” he added.

The majority of the cases of death and lung injury is caused due to products associated with THC vape cartridges available in the black market. It is imperative for parents to bear in mind before pushing the panic button.

“Parents need to make it very clear to their children that they should absolutely not vape any e-liquid/cartridge that is purchased online or from a street seller,” Siegel stressed on it.

Experts associate vaping with potential long-term health risks. Parents should help their kids to understand these risks linked with vaping and the growing body of research showing its potentially harmful health effects.

It is understandable that parents are likely to overreact when they find out their child is using a vape product, especially due to the recent upsurge in vaping-linked illnesses among teens. Nevertheless, parents should try and explain why their child should stop vaping rather than losing their temper as that will encourage them to hide their vaping habit, and that can be worse.


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