Yocan Uni Pro 510 Cartridge Vaporizer Review

Today, we will be reviewing the Uni Pro 510 Cartridge Vaporizer from Yocan. Now let’s take a look at what comes inside the box with a yoke and a uni Pro you get the Uni Pro unit itself underneath the packaging you’ll find a micro USB charging cable and instruction manual as well as the little magnetic connecting piece. Now you’ll need to connect your 510 cartridges to the Uni now.

Let’s take a closer look one of the things I really love is that little spiral-like grip at the top so whatever size cartridge you put in there 5-10 size cartridge. It’ll grip down around it with a little spiral there then there’s a window where you can see how much of your oil is left.

There’s a little thing – a little hook on the side where you can put a string if you want to hang it off of something there’s also at the bottom there’s this little switch it’s really cool where that allows you to adjust the depth of the connector inside so if you have a short or a long cartridge you can use that to sort of compensate for the length of the cartridge there.

It is pretty interesting. I haven’t seen that on a device like this the bottom is smooth. it’s got a really cool sort of boxy looking box mod design we’ve got a micro USB charger on the bottom of the front side the up and down arrows to control the voltage and OLED display and a power button.

now we’re going to look at the features and functions powers on with five clicks when it comes on the OLED display will tell you the last voltage setting that it was set at using the arrows up and down to set the voltage the low end of the voltage is two volts it goes all the way up to 4.2 volts you have a battery indicator on the left side there and then one cool feature. I found is that if you hold both buttons down it’ll invert the display so if you’re lefty or whatever so that’s kind of neat. If there’s no atomizer it’s a kind of intelligent circuitry.

So to let you know if there’s a problem with your atomizer if you don’t have one in there otherwise when you connect your 510 cartridges you will need the little magnetic clip or the little adapter that you have to use to sort of connect and then you can use the top there to circular little thing to squeeze down around your cartridge if you have a smaller cartridge to hold it into place.

if you want to use the preheating function you click it two times and it’ll preheat for 10 seconds that’s sort of low heating before you hit it and kind of avoid the little popping and snapping after that it’s ready to hit. You can just avoid the preheating if you want and just hit it straight away.

Another thing I really like about this is that it has that adjustable width inside or an adjustable height so if you have like a tall a cartridge like this here you can adjust the end side dabs and also because of the top is also adjustable if you got a real fat cartridge. It will also fit and that brings us down to the usage and the testing this is the fun part where I just get to take big hits off of it enjoy it.

These are simple to operate it was easy to use the device. I was using it with some Rosin a premade cartridge that I filled myself with some homemade rosin e-cig juice it was delicious and it performed perfectly and now for the pros and cons, the pros are it’s got that cool looking retro the boxy design I love that it’s got the innovative cartridge adjustment where it goes up and down and then it’ll squeeze the thing at the top.

The variable voltage from 2 volts to 4.2 volts cool apple 650 milliamp batteries and it’s a really good deal at under $35 the cons are it’s got that magnetic adapter that’s required if you lose, you’ll be sort of a problem. I don’t care for those and it’s a little bit of a lightweight plastic feel to it performs great though I’ve given it 4 stars. It’s an excellent entry-level cartridge vaporizer from Jochen.

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