Zeus X RTA by Geek Vape Review

Zeus X RTA by Geek Vape Review

Today we’re going to take a dive down on a close look by GeekVape. We have the Zeus X it’s a dual 25millimeter RTA and we’re going to compare it with the intake goal. Let’s do it!

Here we have my GeekVape, we have the Zeus X RTA now this is the package that it comes in nice and simple you can see all that going on pop onto the back it’s going to give you all the specifications everything you need to know what comes inside of it.

Zeus X RTA by Geek Vape Review

First, you’re going to receive a straight glass section for your tank and with this one, in place, it’s going to hold 3.5 mils of liquid and bubble section that does come on the tank already installed when you do buy it it’s going to hold 4.5 mils of a liquid so four and a half milliliter or three and a half with this straight glass section you’re also going to be getting an extra bag which is going to bring a bunch of extra o rings and seals you’re going to get some extra Allen Key Grub Screw.

It’s also going to include a little Allen key just like you can see where you’re going to get one of those little orange tri tools it’s going to bring a Delrin 510 drip tip adaptor and they ultima 10 drip tip a lot of stuff going on inside of this bag you’re also going to receive this little extra baggie which is on this side it’s going to let you know that it is triple-core28 gauge 448 gauge outer night chrome 80fuse Clapton coils.

Zeus X RTA by Geek Vape Review

If we flip over to this side, you can see you’re also going to get four pieces of cotton you know they do come to that shoelace cotton is everybody’s come accustomed to. I myself just that making it that shoelace cotton just makes it so much easier I’m loving it and then you’re also going to get your extras which will be your user manual warranty card QC card all that good stuff you know what comes inside the little black envelopes and then last but not least you’re going to get the Zeus X RTA.

They do come in a bunch of different colors the one that I have for the review is the red one and it is a 25 millimeter RTA entirely constructed of stainless steel and like I said I do have the red one for this review and you can see very beautiful coating on this thing very nicely done on the top and the bottom it does have some bevels some CNC groove all that good stuff going on it is a top airflow RTA.

When adjusting your airflow what you’re going to do you’re just going to grab this little arrow ring at the top which does have it starts and its stopping point and if you go all the way to what would be my left it won’t open fully wide-open and if you go to the right you’re going to us adjust the restrictiveness of your vape according to how you like to use this RTA.

Zeus X RTA by Geek Vape Review

Everything is nice and clean very clean threads the machine work on this just beautiful next what we’ll do is I’m actually going to pull the glass portion off just to show you the outer barrel section you can see how you do have that Zeus logo Greek mythology going on over here it does say Zeus and the black inner coating look at that gorgeous this is just a gorgeous tank all the way around now when putting everything back together what we are going to do is I’m going to pull this silicone O-ring off.

Zeus X RTA by Geek Vape Review

You can see at the top of it how you do have that big beefy O ring will slide this over top and that’s how your glass portion is going to stay on to it and it actually stays on very nice and snug. This RTA I’ve come quite fond of very well constructed next what we’ll do we’ll come over here to the deck now you could see how it’s kind of has in that drop-in design and very nice sized posts everything on this is very simple nice wicking slots one on each side.

Zeus X RTA by Geek Vape Review

You just going to drop your coils in and will hold your coils in place you have some flathead screws the ones that do come installed but those that don’t like flathead screws can change them out for Allen Key Grub Screw just going to drop your coils down there and the inside wrap your wicks in drop them down inside the wicking slots and it’s just going to help saturate and keep everything going nice and clean very juicy very nice saturated vapor.

Zeus X RTA by Geek Vape Review

I’m going to put a pair of coils in this thing we’re going to build it we’re going to get it blowing and there we have paper. So since we got that going what we’ll do is we’re actually going to take this inner barrel and chimney section we’re going to slide that over top and you can see it kind of has like that little knot so it’s going to serve as a guide once we have that in place we’ll take the whole barrel glass section the outer chimney and all that good stuff we’ll take that we’ll slide it over top and we’ll just proceed to thread this in place just like that very easy and you can see how that looks to get it nice and tight nice and snug.

Zeus X RTA by Geek Vape Review

The flavor I’m not even going to say which one is better I can’t what I will show you like on the intake duel I got it at120 watts you know what I’m actually got the topside at 125 but I’m going to put it down to 120 watts as well both of these tanks are flavor monsters the airflow the way the airflow works the intake duel is a little bit more restrictive and I have it fully wide open it’s a little bit more restrictive than the zu6 it’s a bit more restrictive but the flavor on both of these things if you like RTA’s dual coil RTA’s that are very easy to build and you want something that’s going to give you crazy flavor and even low wattages by both of them.

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